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My First Spanish

“My First Spanish” arises in response to the need for educational materials adapted to the teaching of Spanish as an additional language to children at an early age.

“My First Spanish” includes educational resources for parents, educators, and children based on the vast experience and knowledge of its creators, extensive research on early language learning, and new educational trends, approaches, and theories about teaching languages to young children. 

“My First Spanish” is perfect for stay-at-home moms or dads, teachers, entrepreneurs or anyone who would like a flexible, part-time job willing to fulfill their dream of teaching young children an additional language and enjoying the flexibility of owning their own business.

Graciela Castellanos

Born in Venezuela, from a very young age I studied in English and Spanish speaking schools. I later graduated with a BA in Education in the area of Modern Languages in my hometown and an MA in Curriculum and Instruction in the area of Early childhood education from the University of Texas at Austin, USA.

My career encompasses nearly 30 years of experience teaching and holding various administrative positions, including that of Founding Head and Curriculum Coordinator in several public, private and International schools in Venezuela and the United States. In addition to working as a teacher for both children and adults, I’ve had the opportunity to start up my own educational business and apply my administrative and pedagogical knowledge to guide 2 International schools during their initial stages.

My specialty basically covers the field of early childhood, bilingual education, and the Primary Years Program of the International Baccalaureate.

In 2007 I decided to take a step forward and apply my knowledge and experience to bring the world of languages closer to younger children and their families in a fun and natural way. What began as a need to put down into paper all I had learned and experienced with children from different parts of the world, turned out into a complete curriculum for teaching very young learners an additional language.

Graciela Castellanos

The process of creating and developing the curriculum gave me the opportunity to continue learning and to keep my passion alive.

In 2010 Languages4kidz was born.

During the past 10 years I became a published author, I have conducted professional development training in the use of the curricula and have provided administrative and pedagogical support to many teachers and parents in China, India and other parts of the world, but most importantly my picture books are being read and enjoyed by children in many parts of the world.

It’s been and continues to be a wonderful journey!


Languages4kidz is an education company that provides a variety of educational materials to make learning Spanish and English fun and engaging for young children.

Languages4kidz educational products include Book Collections for kids and Curriculum Resources for teachers, parents and Entrepreneurs.

Our teaching materials in digital and physical formats are based on the natural way children learn a language. Our books and interactive activities are play based making the teaching-learning process easy and fun!

Our 2 exceptional Brands My First Spanish and Mi Primer Inglés work to boost family engagement and family connections, promote children’s personal growth and help develop the “whole child” by nurturing their minds and touching their hearts.