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Getting parents involved

By My First Spanish

It is extremely important to get parents involved.

It is my  belief that the parents’ role in the process of a child’s language acquisition at a young age is indispensable. Parents are the most important people in children’s lives and their best teachers.

Getting parents involved


Languages4kidz believes that it is crucial to invite parents to participate actively in their children’s learning and development, while learning the target language themselves. Through our program parents learn easy vocabulary that they can use with their children at home, simple structures they can put into practice when talking to their children, songs, nursery rhymes and fingerplays in the target language and they can learn how to carry out activities that will benefit their children’s overall development such as, early stimulation exercises, movement and dancing, arts and crafts and reading aloud.

Languages4kidz materials help parents and their babies practise the target language together, whether it is Spanish or English. Parents will find simple stories, rhymes and games that they can learn to help them introduce the target language to their baby or toddler and continue the teaching-learning process at home.

We like to encourage mothers, who while taking care of their children at home very often don’t have many chances of learning a new language; and we provide an equal opportunity for fathers to actively participate in their child’s early stages of development.


When parents learn a new language together with their children, the whole experience helps develop a possitive attitude towards the target language for both. It helps parents lose their language barriers and learn Spanish or English in an informal way, while they spend quality time with their children. At the same time it may encourage parents to continue studying the language individually which may lead then to their own personal development and introduction in the labor force.