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10 tips to use when reading to very young kids

By My First Spanish

Reading to very young kids – tips for parents and teachers. This is the title of our latest video.

When teaching young kids a new language take some time to emphasize to parents each week the importance of reading to their children at home, not only in their native language but the target language, as well.

  • Lay out a special story blanket and invite families to gather with you for Story time.
  • Ask parents of younger children to cuddle them for this activity so as to help them feel safe and warm.
  • Invite older children to gather in front of you. Make sure everyone is able to see the book.
  • Present the book with lots of enthusiasm.
  • Read slowly and clearly.
  • Keep in mind you need to look both at the book and at the children.
  • Read with expression, open your eyes wide look surprised and smile as you turn the pages.
  • Use your voice in many ways. Pitch it higher or lower or use different voices and talk excitedly to catch children’s attention and make the book more interesting.
  • Use different gestures. Focus on the illustrations and emphasize the rhythms and rhyming words as you read.
  • Invite children to anticipate each page by using a “wonder, what’s next” look on your face.
  • Point at the pictures and talk about the things children are looking at.
  • As you close the last page of the book make gestures that indicate it is the end and say:All done! And then, Snip, snap snout, this tale’s told out!
  • Start folding the story blanket and encourage older children to help you. Sing bye-bye to the book and the blanket.