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All kids should learn a second language

By My First Spanish

All kids should learn a second language.

Early language learning has acquired a significant importance all over the world. Parents are now more aware of the latest findings and the benefits a second language may give their children and know very well that learning another language besides their mother tongue has become a need in our society.

We are all aware of the incredible learning potential of children, particularly during the first five years.

Research has clearly shown that a child’s brain is capable of learning several languages at once, and the earlier the better. When children learn a second language before the developmental window closes, it gives them the opportunity to naturally acquire native like pronunciation, it enhances their native language abilities, it increases their creativity, it enriches their mental development, it enhances their verbal and mathematical problem solving skills, and it provides a positive effect on their intellectual growth.

These skills contribute profoundly to a child’s self-esteem and his or her sense of values. They prepare the child for life in the multi-cultural, multi-lingual world of the 21st century.

Children are natural learners. By exposing them to languages other than their mother tongue early in life we are laying a foundation for helping them be successful citizens of the world and this is the best gift you can give them.

I invite you to take a look at the following infographics with more ideas on why kids should learn a second language.

Why Your Kids Should Learn A Second Language