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Celebracion del Dia Internacional / International Day celebration

By My First Spanish

Celebrating International Day was one of my favorite traditions at the schools I used to work for. It was a special day where students celebrated their different cultures by introducing food, customs, music, dance and many other elements from their culture or country of origin.
Below are a few photos of this celebration in schools I have worked for.
As a former IB/PYP educator I firmly support the IB Learner’s Profile:

“-We work together, take risks and inquire into our own and other cultures.
-We think about, and gain knowledge about, the world around us.
-We find ways to communicate our cultural learning.
-We are open minded, reflective and caring about all cultures.
-We strive to become truly balanced and principled global citizens.

I always valued the similarities and differences each person’s cultural heritage brought to our lives. I celebrated and shared our diversity on a daily basis both inside and outside the classroom in order to enrich the learning experience for my students and the whole school community.

This yearly celebration was a wonderful opportunity for my school communities to acknowledge and celebrate their diversity and it was the inspiration for my Picture Book “International Day”.

With this colorful and engaging book and the after reading activities that may develop I want to emphasize the importance of being open-minded to others and remind children, parents and teachers of the great number of commonalities and differences that make all of us, interesting, unique and special.