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My First Spanish ready-made lesson plans

By Graciela

My First Spanish ready-made lesson plans

Easy ready-made lesson plans with the newly available My First Spanish Curricula.



Teacher’s Packages with numerous materials made from our Team for you!  


144 Spanish detailed Lesson Plans with:  


More than 600 age-appropriate activities for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and young children spread out through our lesson components: Welcome, Warm-up, Circle Time, Theme Focus, Phonics, Playful Time, Creative Time, Story Time and Wrap-up.


✓ Guiding suggestions for carrying out the activities  


 Tips for sharing developmental information with parents 


 Audio clips of the dialogues, songs and read aloud of all the picture books 


✓ 140 downloadable Spanish songs  


 212 online interactive activities for children 


 48 original Picture Books with read aloud, songs and animations 


 12 Enrichment Activities Booklets 


 46 sets of digital Flashcards  



Having lesson plans ready with all the features we have added on the digital format makes it easier for you to enjoy teaching little ones and dedicating your precious time to observing, evaluating and meeting their needs.  



Let us help you teach amazing, engaging lessons every day, with all the resources and support you deserve, and enjoy time for yourself and time with your family. 

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