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Story time: Reading aloud to children in their early years

By My First Spanish

When we are working with little ones Story Time becomes an essential component of each of your lessons.

Reading to children lays the foundation for a love of reading throughout their lives.

In your classes, it contributes in a particularly unique way to the development of the target language, whether it is Spanish or English.

Reading fosters vocabulary development and helps children learn about times, cultures, and people other than their own; it helps them learn about the world and understand how others think, act, and feel.

In addition, the repetition of the stories selected which by the way all young children love, gives them and their parents the opportunity to hear the words and structures of the target language over and over again and become familiar with them.

When you set a time for reading aloud to children in all classes this helps them predict what is coming next. In this way you are not only helping them settle down and enjoy a pleasurable experience, but you are giving them a sense of security.