Canciones en español para niños – Languages4kidz – YouTube channel

Canciones para niños en  español en nuestro canal de YouTube Echa un vistazo a nuestro canal de YouTube con canciones para niños en español. Cuando se expone a los pequeños a un idioma adicional, las actividades musicales como canciones, rimas infantiles y juegos con los dedos son un excelente recurso para introducir un tema en […]

¿Quieres comenzar tu propio negocio?

MFS Blog Post July

¿Quieres comenzar tu propio negocio? Si tu respuesta es SÍ, sigue leyendo… Estamos casi al final de nuestras vacaciones de verano y los niños pronto regresarán a la escuela. Este es el mejor momento para que te prepares para comenzar tu propio negocio. En esta época del año, muchos padres recurren a Google en busca […]

La primavera esta en el aire – Currículo para niños

¡Todos disfrutamos mucho esta época del año! La primavera trae alegría con días más largos y cálidos, hermoso follaje en los árboles y coloridas flores en los jardines. Nos encanta salir a caminar y pasear por las calles y pasar tiempo en los parques con otras familias jugando y divirtiéndonos. Usar todos nuestros sentidos durante […]

Celebrate March!!!

March is on its way! Let’s celebrate!   Throughout March and all year long: Music in our schools month -The National Association for Music Education has chosen the month of March to be the time of year to focus on music education in schools all across the United States. Music, poetry, and the spoken word […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! The month of February is often known as the month of love. Love to our family, love to our friends, love to our planet and love to all the things we have and all the things we do. Celebrating our love to our families and the strong and wonderful bonds we create […]

Think big… 2022 is here!

If you want to teach Spanish to young kids, think big! This is the right time to start planning! If you are interested in starting a small business teaching languages to very young children you may be asking yourself many questions: What are the best curriculum options? How do very young children learn? What are […]

You and your little one can learn Spanish together

Parents are the most important people in a child’s life. From the time they are born children learn most from their parents and/or caregivers, and it is in their company that they feel more comfortable.   It is the months from conception to the child’s third birthday that are pivotal to optimal brain development, and […]

Teach your kids an additional language

Do you want to teach your kids an Spanish?   Then, this is the right time to start planning!  If you are interested in teaching Spanish to your young child you may be asking yourself many questions:  What are the best curriculum options?  How do very young children learn?  What are developmentally appropriate activities for […]

Presents – Regalos

Presents – Regalos The Holiday Season is filled with traditions. They teach important lessons and help us communicate and pass on shared history and values to our little ones. During the Holidays children receive presents from their families and friends during the Christmas Celebration, for Hannukah or for Kwanzaa around the world. In some countries […]

Time for Back-to-school! Are you ready?

This will be an exciting new beginning for our kids and an opportunity to celebrate the learnings and experiences they will benefit from. Let’s take the opportunity to put in place some back-to-school habits that children may have lost and give them the support they need to continue developing the core abilities all children need […]

Getting ready for Summer!!!

Summer will soon be here! The weather is changing so fast! It is getting warmer and the sun is making us feel hot now. Summer is getting here and we are excited to be so close to going on vacation and enjoying the many fun things this season brings. Soon we will travel, play for […]

Having fun!!!

Learning is easier if it is fun and to make it fun we need to provide children with a playful environment. The more fun the environment, the more a child will want to stay with it. We know children learn in a variety of ways but we all recognize that play is an important vehicle […]